The MTLT NFT Tactic (one of my favorites)

The MTLT NFT Tactic is one of my favorites!

BTW….MTLT stands for mid-term long-term.

At any rate, to do this technique, you simply find an NFT project that you believe will go up in value.

(You might be right. You might be wrong.)

So let’s say you see a project with a floor of 2 SOL, but you believe (for whatever reason) that it will go up to 30-100 SOL at some point, then you would buy at least 4.

NFT #1 costs 2 SOL.
NFT #2 costs 2 SOL.
NFT #3 costs 2 SOL.
NFT #4 costs 2 SOL.

Total spend 8 SOL.

Let’s say three weeks go by and you notice that it’s now sitting at 6 SOL.

At that point (even though you believe one day it will reach 30 SOL), you would sell two of the four which will give you 12 SOL.

That means you have made 4 SOL (12 SOL – 8 SOL). And on top of that you still have two NFT’s left.

Is it really this easy?

Answer: Yes.

I’ll show you a couple screen shots of times that I’ve done it.

I bought 4 NFTs (Meta Tattoo Club)

Total Spend: 9.025 SOL (on October 22, 2022)

I sold 2 of them:

Total 14.919999 SOL (on November 1, 2022)

The good news. I made a profit 5.894999 SOL which is $188 in 10 days + I still have 2 NFT’s!!! …which are basically like 2 free NFTs that could go to 100 SOL or .001 SOL… but as far as I’m concerned I’ve made the profit so whatever happens happens.

Let me know what you think about this method.

Best Regards,
CR James | crjames.sol

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